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Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer

Strainer s take out the unwanted materials and dirt from the fluid in the flow line. The Basket Strainer is one of the main types of Strainer which is designed mainly for the horizontal lines. These Strainer s are commonly suitable for liquid service applications where high flow capacity is required. Basket Strainer has less pressure drop and the greater free straining area, which makes it a preferred type for liquid applications. Its dirt holding capacity is more than other kinds of Strainer s. The base of the Strainer s needs support for more giant, heavier Basket Strainer s. The cover can be removed to service a Basket Strainer to provide immediate access to filtering elements. This makes it easier if it needs replacement due to collected debris.

In steam applications, these Strainer s usually have a drain plug fitted with a steam tap significant amount of condensate may be formed. Basket Strainer s are available in duplex style consisting of two parallel basket Strainer s and diverting valves to divert the flow so that no interruption would happen on the process. Once the first Strainer is full, it alters the flow of fluid to the second Strainer. The duplex Basket Strainer s are suitable for applications using robust chemicals abrasive fluids.

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Basket Strainer s with closed bottom can be cleaned by removing a cover and pulling out a screen for cleaning and service. They provide economical and efficient protection to the pipeline system to prevent damage from the foreign elements in the flow line. Savoy Piping Inc is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality Basket Strainer s which widely used to trap the suspended particles and solids from the media. We fabricate Basket Strainer s in all types of suitable materials such as cast iron, bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel, etc. We are specially manufacturing Basket Strainer s for the free flow of the media through the Strainer element. We develop and supply a wide range of Basket Strainer s by keeping in mind the various requirements of our customers. We follow all the international quality standards and specifications while designing. We fabricate Strainers with excellent quality raw material and modern machinery in our highly developed manufacturing unit.

We ensure to provide Basket Strainer s with features such as heavy wall thickness, tight seal, quick open cover, large capacity baskets, threaded drain, and machined basket seat, etc. We develop a Basket Strainer which is comfortable to remove and clean. We ensure our accurately designed Basket Strainer s are reliable for a variety of fluids and allow separation of solids in any size. We fabricate Basket Strainer s which are suitable for industrial applications such as, Power plants, Oil and Gas industries, Process industries, Petrochemical industries, Steel industries, Cement industries, Refineries, Fertilizer industry, Chemical industry, Lubrication industry, and water treatment plants. We are testing our Strainer s under the high pressure under the supervision of our highly qualified professionals. We offer all types of shipping and packaging options as per the customer’s requirements.

Standard Specification For Basket Strainer

Size 25 NB to 300 NB
Face to Face ANSI B 16.10
ASME Class #150, #300, #600, #900, #1500
Flange Connection ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.34
Basket Strainer Application

Basket Strainer are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Cast Iron Basket Strainers for High Temperature Service through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Valves is use in various industries like :

  • Basket Strainer used in Vacuum Service
  • Basket Strainer used in Food/Pharmaceutical
  • Basket Strainer used in Dry Materials
  • Basket Strainer used in Low Pressure Steam
  • Basket Strainer used in Abrasive Slurries
  • Basket Strainer used in Scaling Liquids and Slurries
  • Basket Strainer used in Hazardous Liquids and Gases
  • Basket Strainer used in Clean Liquids and Gases
Basket Strainer Application

Basket Strainer Price List

Export Destinations For Basket Strainer

Japan, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Taiwan, Angola, Malaysia, Kuwait, Namibia, China, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Sweden, Tunisia, Austria, Russia, Belarus, France, Gabon, Norway, Greece, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago, Libya, Iraq, Netherlands, Nepal, Turkey, Nigeria, United States, Denmark, Yemen, Finland, Ireland, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Morocco, Qatar, Tibet, Hungary, Gambia, Spain, Belgium, Kenya, Colombia, Slovakia, Portugal, Venezuela, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Jordan, Macau, Argentina, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Romania, Lithuania, Peru, South Korea, Iran, Mongolia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Algeria, Bhutan, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Czech Republic, Vietnam, India, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Bahrain, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Chile, Ghana, Israel, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ecuador.