Bimetal Plates

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Bimetal Plates

Bimetallic Plates

Bimetal is combinations of metal. The Bimetal plate which we provide is manufactured basically by using optimum quality raw material and advanced technology. We are at the forefront position in the manufacturing of the bimetal plate and other industrial products. Savoy Piping Inc. is a leading supplier, stockist, and worldwide exporter of the bimetal plate. We ensure to deliver quality products and on-time delivery service support if required. We are in the leading position in the manufacturing of various industrial products. We provide all small as well as medium size components and tools to complete multiple operations and to use for manufacturing different equipment. Savoy Piping Inc. has earned the trust of many clients by serving outstanding products and exceptional service. We are not only manufacturing the bimetal plates but also exporting high-quality products across the nation. We design and develop the product by considering dimensions and fineness to the operational requirement. The product which we are trading, retailing and supplying is essential in semiconductor packaging. We manufacture the product by using optimum quality raw materials.

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We take the support of advanced manufacturing technology and high-end processing methodology, which help us to deliver high-quality product within deadlines. We are recognized mainly as the best producer of the Bimetal plate due to its high strength and smooth finishing. We have technical experts to ensure product quality and to select proper materials for production. The product is available in several variants of thickness and length specifications. We are providing custom build product to our clients by testing them against multiple test parameters mentioned in various quality standards. Apart from the quality, the product has other benefits and features also. The bimetal plates are compact and make it easy to install in the industry. It holds the anticorrosive property, which aids the bimetal sheet to work actively for long term duration. We are taking care of the packaging and shipping of the product. With the required packaging materials and tools, we are transporting products to the client location.

We take pride for producing best quality bimetal plates, which is highly acclaimed and appreciated by the clients. We are the well-known manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and trader of Bimetallic Plate due to the product toughness and high work strength. Bimetal plates use a metal base, either of stainless steel or aluminium. Then it is plated with copper.

Some Bimetal plates also utilize third metal. But the majority of the times, copper is plated to aluminium or stainless steel. Here, the copper is covered then with a light-sensitive coating. Savoy Piping Inc. is a high-tech enterprise that uses leading technology. Also, they have an independent research and development unit. The factory has the high production capacity to produce various types of parts that are essential in industrial application.

Standard Specification For Bimetallic Plates

Thickness from 0.5mm to 30mm
Material aluminium + copper
Size from 300 to Customers' Requireme
Bimetal Plates Base layer thickness(mm) Cover layer thickness(mm)
Cu-Al block Cu δ38~40 Al δ10~12
Al-Steel block Steel δ38~40 Alδ10~12
Element Tensile Strength Shearing Strength heat Temperature Interface Combination Rate Interface Full Figure
Bimetal Plates ≥150 Mpa/mm2 ≥95 Mpa/mm2 ≦ 400 ℃ 100% undulant


Bimetal Plates Application

Bimetal Plate are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Bimetallic Plates for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Bimetallic Plate is use in various industries like :

  • Bimetal Plates uses in Power Plants
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Modern Architecture
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Bimetallic Plates uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Fertilizers
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Electronics
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Construction
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Chemical Industries
  • Bimetal Plates uses in Plumbing
Bimetal Plates Application

Bimetallic Plate Price List

Export Destinations For Bimetal Plates

Macau, Ghana, Czech Republic, Gabon, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, Gambia, Estonia, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Algeria, Chile, Libya, Denmark, Namibia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Chile, South Korea, Austria, Iraq, Costa Rica, Thailand, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Oman, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad & Tobago, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Finland, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Angola, Sweden, Israel, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Yemen, United States, China, Nigeria, Venezuela, Lebanon, Netherlands, Kenya, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil, Belgium, Philippines, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, New Zealand, Ukraine, Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Ireland, Nepal, Tibet, Mexico, Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Norway, Iran, France, Greece, Vietnam, Peru, Singapore, Hong Kong, Croatia, Belarus, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Nigeria.