HDPE End Cap

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HDPE End Cap

HDPE End Cap

Savoy Piping Inc is one of the leading manufacturing and exporting firm which offers the best range of HDPE End Caps. These End Caps are most useful for various industrial pipe fitting applications for temporarily closing the end of the pipes. We fabricate HDPE End Caps in different sizes and specifications as per the requirements of clients. These sturdy and durable End Caps are suitable for all types of working environments. We are supplying these HDPE End Caps with all necessary features, benefits, and advantages. HDPE is High-density polyethylene End Cap which is flexible, weather-resistant, translucent or waxy, and it displays toughness at low temperatures. This type of polyethylene is light in weight, easy to mount, and offers resistant to high impact. Because of all these properties, HDPE End Caps are on high demand by various industries. We are producing a comprehensive range of plastic end caps, including LLDPE and HDPE. We are using superior grade HDPE materials with all industrial and international quality standards. HDPE is one of the most durable and versatile thermoplastics which are suitable for industries which are manufacturing plastic products. With suitable properties and qualities, this material is utilized for a variety of products.

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We are fabricating HDPE End Caps in different sizes, diameters, shapes, and connection end as per the client’s requirements. Our HDPE End Cap is more durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, which offers a smooth flow of materials. These End Caps are performing well in every situation and providing resistance to various environmental and chemical conditions. HDPE End Caps has various features and benefits like it has excellent electrical insulating properties, higher tensile strength, good processability, deficient water absorption, and superb low-temperature resistance. With the durable resistant towards all kind of dilute acids and alkalis, our HDPE End Caps are suitable for all applications of chemical industries. We are maintaining our quality standards by testing product and by selecting the proper material for production. Our experienced and skilled experts are continuously upgrading the manufacturing process with technology and modern techniques. This helps us to deliver a product which is perfectly matching and meet the all-satisfying criteria of industrial applications. Our high-tech production house and teamwork makes us able to provide every product on time without compromising on quality. Savoy Piping Inc is offering high-grade HDPE End Caps as per the needs of industries. On-time delivery of HDPE End Caps with proper packaging and shipping are the main focus areas where our experts are strictly supervising and observing. To avoid any damage and scratch in shipping, we are selecting proper packaging material. We are ready to complete the urgent demands of our clients and also accepting orders in small as well as the bulk amount. We are always happy to provide quality service and to add new names in our client list.

Standard Specification For HDPE End Cap

Dimensions : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Diameter : 25 to 100 mm
Size : 20MM OD to 400MM OD
Material : HDPE / PP / PPH
HDPE / HDPE End Cap : High Strength End Cap Protectors for Pipe ends, both OD & ID cap are available, caps also available for Screwed ends.
Metal End Cap : Metal caps to protect the bevel ends of Pipes, specially used for pipe size 14” & above, is made from high resistance steel & is securely attached to cap using nut-bolt or strip push mechanism. They provide excellent protection to the bevel ends & also provide easier loading & unloading the material.


HDPE End Cap Application

HDPE End Cap are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of High-density Polyethylene End Cap for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Wire mesh is use in various industries like :

  • HDPE End Cap uses in Power Plants
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Modern Architecture
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Petroleum Industry
  • HDPE End Cap uses in General Purpose Applications
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Fabrication Industry
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Fertilizers
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Electronics
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Construction
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Chemical Industries
  • HDPE End Cap uses in Plumbing
HDPE End Cap Application

HDPE End Cap Price List

Export Destinations For HDPE End Cap

Puerto Rico, Thailand, Italy, Australia, Algeria, Israel, Venezuela, Bahrain, United States, Libya, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Gabon, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Morocco, Macau, Singapore, Serbia, Portugal, Poland, Argentina, Oman, South Korea, Austria, Iraq, Denmark, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, Slovakia, Bolivia, Indonesia, Canada, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Angola, South Africa, Yemen, Croatia, Germany, Finland, Ecuador, Kenya, Tunisia, Tibet, Ukraine, Gambia, India, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, Spain, Mongolia, Estonia, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Chile, Chile, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Belgium, France, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines, Namibia, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Japan, Costa Rica, Qatar, Hungary, Nepal, Ireland, China, Bhutan, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kuwait.