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LLDPE is Linear low-density polyethene which is a linear polymer. This is the most common form of polyethene which is suitable for producing sheets, bags, caps and containers. LLDPE is highly benefited polymer which provides numerous benefits to satisfy various industrial applications. Linear low-density polyethene offers high flexibility and longevity. It has stable mechanical properties and requires lower maintenance. We, Savoy Piping Inc offers a comprehensive range of LLDPE End Caps. These LLDPE End Caps are on high demand in various industries. These end caps are available in different shapes, size, and dimensions. We are manufacturing LLDPE End Caps as per the requirements of clients. The high strength end cap protects pipe ends from any damage or cuts. They are also available in screwed or threaded ends as per the needs. We are manufa LLDPE End Caps appreciated for providing excellent protection to the pipe ends. It is easy to fit and seal tightly to avoid leakage. It also prevents dust or any unnecessary particles by entering. Our LLDPE End Caps has high tensile strength, and they are smoothly finished to fix with any pipe or tube correctly. With the precise dimension, our LLDPE End Caps are performing well in many heavy and critical applications. Our high-quality End Caps are suitable in applications like instrument air, potable water, environmental monitoring equipment, and chemical transfer.

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With the good environmental stress cracking resistance, our LLDPE End Caps are improving sealing properties. It is suitable for the right level of resistance to UV rays and chemicals. We offer appropriate, durable, and serviceable LLDPE End Caps at affordable price. By following all national and international standards, we are fabricating high-grade LLDPE End Caps. Low density, higher tensile strength, high impact, and high puncture resistance make these End Caps more suitable and demandable by our esteem clients. Our skilled professionals are testing LLDPE End Caps at various production stages and deliver the defect-free product. We are managing perfect balance between characteristics, physical and chemical properties to fabricate excellent LLDPE End Caps. We are delivering LLDPE End Caps within the decided time, and our doorstep service is one of the benefits which we are offering to our customers. Along with these benefits, we are also offering proper packaging, labelling, and shipping service for convenient service. Well equipped and highly updated manufacturing firm is our main reason for quality products. To enhance the quality and quantity of product, we adopt modern technology. Our experts are supervising the whole process to avoid any error and to offer the best outcome. Strict quality testing and appropriate packaging are our main focus areas. As we have a customer base all over India as well as out of India; hence, we are choosing suitable packaging and shipping ways. With the ready stock, we are completing the urgent demands of our clients and also prepared to take orders in bulk quantity.

Standard Specification For LLDPE End Cap

Dimensions : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Size : 1/2” NB to 100”NB
LLDPE / HDPE End Cap : High Strength End Cap Protectors for Pipe ends, both OD & ID cap are available, caps also available for Screwed ends.
Metal End Cap : Metal caps to protect the bevel ends of Pipes, specially used for pipe size 14” & above, is made from high resistance steel & is securely attached to cap using nut-bolt or strip push mechanism. They provide excellent protection to the bevel ends & also provide easier loading & unloading the material.


LLDPE End Cap Application

LLDPE End Cap are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene End Cap for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Wire mesh is use in various industries like :

  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Power Plants
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Modern Architecture
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Petroleum Industry
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in General Purpose Applications
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Fabrication Industry
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Fertilizers
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Electronics
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Construction
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Chemical Industries
  • LLDPE End Cap uses in Plumbing
LLDPE End Cap Application

LLDPE End Cap Price List

Export Destinations For LLDPE End Cap

Iraq, Denmark, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, Slovakia, Bolivia, Indonesia, Canada, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Angola, South Africa, Yemen, Croatia, Germany, Finland, Ecuador, Kenya, Tunisia, Tibet, Ukraine, Gambia, India, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, Spain, Mongolia, Estonia, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iran, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Italy, Australia, Algeria, Israel, Venezuela, Bahrain, United States, Libya, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Gabon, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Morocco, Macau, Singapore, Serbia, Portugal, Poland, Argentina, Oman, South Korea, Austria, Namibia, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Japan, Costa Rica, Qatar, Hungary, Nepal, Ireland, China, Bhutan, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Egypt, Malaysia, Chile, Chile, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Belgium, France, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines.