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Savoy Piping Inc is a leading manufacturer of fittings and pipe Outlets in all material grades and dimensions in compliance with national and international standard. Outlets are extensively used in various industry applications. We are offering Outlets in several metals like stainless steel and various alloy. Our Outlets are satisfying the requirements of respective applications and performing best in long duration. Outlets are the types of branch connection fittings which is applicable for providing outlet connections for different size pipes. It is generally providing outlets from larger pipe to the smaller pipe. We are fabricating quality modern Outlets, which are shaped from corrosion safe metal in exact measurements. We intended to offer long lasting Outlets by powerful implementation. These small size Outlets are widely use for the numerous applications to perform various fitting roles. We are manufacturing Outlets fittings in various shapes, size, grades and specification. This allow us to provide service for the clients from all over the world. To complete many critical applications, we are fabricating excellent quality and sturdy Outlets.

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We are supplying for many small as well as big sectors and applications such as marine engineering, chemical processing, plumbing, power plant, hydro-carbon processing, heat exchangers, oil and gas pipeline, valves manufacturing, structural pipe, pumps manufacturing, water supply systems, petrochemical plants, fabrication industry, nuclear power projects, and general-purpose applications.

Savoy Piping Inc is focusing to fulfil all necessary requirements of clients by supplying different types of Outlets such as Weldolet, Elbolet, Sockolet, Threadolet, Sweepolet, Latrolet, and Nipolet. These Outlets are generally used for branching on high pressure and high temperature applications. Handling maximum pressure is the main functions the Outlets and hence we are not compromising in quality and material selection. Our Outlets are durable and suitable for any high-pressure applications.

Highest quality and timely delivery are our main focus parameters to provide services. Our experts are continuously working hard to meet all quality standards. With the help of latest technology and modern methods, our professionals are fabricating error free and defect free Outlets. We have experts from various manufacturing stages and they are checking quality of the Outlets before final packaging and labelling.

Our quality testing team is checking every single parameter to meet all standards and then send it for labelling. To provide quick service and damage free deliveries, we are inspecting and focusing in packaging material and shipping of Outlets. We are using various packaging materials such as carton boxes, wooden pallets, wooden boxes, and wooden crates.

We have a large collection of stock to complete urgent requirements and to offer convenient service. We providing small size as well as quantity orders with the high quality to our clients. Our high-tech manufacturing plant and skilled team is capable to fulfil every needed requirement within decided time.

Export Destinations For Outlets

Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, Spain, Turkey, Qatar, Colombia, Ukraine, Kuwait, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Jordan, Lithuania, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Gambia, Morocco, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia, Angola, Iraq, Russia, Puerto Rico, Poland, Australia, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Nigeria, United States, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Macau, Greece, Bangladesh, Germany, Tunisia, Nepal, Portugal, Austria, India, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, South Africa, Peru, Egypt, Argentina, Bahrain, Ireland, Algeria, Malaysia, France, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Philippines, China, Norway, Gabon, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Bulgaria, Kenya, Denmark, Estonia, Serbia, Tibet, Bolivia, Oman, Hungary, Iran, Trinidad & Tobago, Taiwan, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Sweden, Bhutan, Thailand, Ghana, Yemen, Canada, Belgium, Namibia, Israel, New Zealand, Chile, Libya, Romania, Finland

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