Socket Weld Nipple

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Socket Weld Pipe Nipple

Socket Weld Pipe Nipple

Savoy Piping Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of Socket Weld Nipple in India. We are certified, and best quality product Exporter of Socket Weld Nipple. We are continuously developing our product line and provides socket weld nipples to the client in a combination of good grades, thickness, length, and surface finish. To fulfil emerging customers need we Started working as a distributor and becomes the largest Distributor of Fittings Socket Weld Nipple in India. Savoy Piping Inc is a manufacturing firm which was established over a decade ago to cater to growing demands of Socket Weld products. We are manufacturing, exporting, and supplying Socket Weld Fittings, which meets with national and international quality standards. We are assembling base which maintains equipment adapting to the global technological level with a whole set of advanced equipment. With several socket weld products, we are manufacturing high quality and suitable products for our clients. Socket Weld Nipples are known to be a short stub of the pipe with two male ends. These Nipples are commonly used for plumbing and houses and also in funnels and pipes.

SS Socket Weld Nipple Manufactures in Mumbai India, Inconel Forged Socket weld Eccentric Swage Nipple, High Quality Socket weld Nipple, Duplex Steel Socket Weld Swage Nipple, MSS SP-79 and MSS SP-83 Socket weld Nipple, Alloy 20 Socket Weld Nipple Supplier.

We are offering a vast array of Socket Weld Nipple to our domestic as well as global clients. Concerning different grades, we offer Socket Weld Nipple is made available in various sizes as per the requirements of the customers. We are providing Socket Weld Nipple in different shapes, sizes, specification, and thickness to fulfil the multiple needs of our customers. Our Socket Weld Nipples are providing all necessary specifications in suitable dimensions such as pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, tolerances, marking, and raw material. The raw material we are using is high quality and have examined before performing any operation. We are delivering the best version product in the decided timeline. Our customers are from different sectors and industries like we are supplying socket weld nipple to oil refineries, petrochemical, cement industry, paper industries, oil and gas, nuclear power, and power plants.By testing with various tests and checking quality on many times, Savoy Piping Inc is delivering a product which matches all expectations and requirements of clients. With the help of technology and efforts of our experts, we are maintaining our quality standards and providing timely service. We aim to deliver high-quality products at reasonable rates. Our team is focusing on damage-free delivery and providing smooth service we are taking care of packaging and shipping of the order. We pack Socket Weld Pipe Nipple into plastic bag individually, and in case of batch order, we pack a bunch of pipe nipples into water-proof material. To prevent any damage during shipping, we tagged, wrapped in plastic bags, and closed in carton boxes or seaworthy wooden cases. We use packaging material as per the requirements by considering the distance and way of transportation.

Standard Specification For Socket Weld Nipple

Dimensions : ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, MSS SP-95, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
Size : 1/8" NB TO 4" NB
Pressure Class : 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
Form : Socket Weld Pipe Nipple, Swage Nipple, Concentric Nipple, Eccentric Nipple
Socket Weld Nipple Application

Socket Weld Nipple are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Socket weld Pipe Nipple for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Fittings is use in various industries like :

  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Power Plants
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Modern Architecture
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Fertilizers
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Electronics
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Construction
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Chemical Industries
  • Socket Weld Nipple uses in Plumbing
Socket Weld Nipple Application

Socket Weld Nipple Price List

Export Destinations For Socket Weld Nipple

Spain, Yemen, Bulgaria, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, China, Sweden, Libya, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Vietnam, Ukraine, Denmark, Lithuania, Nigeria, Australia, Macau, Finland, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, Iraq, Poland, Kenya, South Korea, Ireland, Egypt, Costa Rica, Morocco, France, Gambia, United States, Peru, Namibia, Bhutan, Serbia, Bahrain, Croatia, Romania, Venezuela, Italy, Slovakia, Belarus. , Israel, Kazakhstan, Gabon, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Hungary, Thailand, Austria, Nepal, Argentina, Portugal, Estonia, Philippines, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Colombia, Taiwan, Ghana, Canada, Chile, Oman, Tibet, Bolivia, Greece, Angola, India, Russia, Nigeria, Algeria, Mongolia, Kuwait, Ecuador , Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Afghanistan, Qatar, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Norway, Mexico, Bangladesh, Belgium.