Steel Washers

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Steel Washers Exporter in India

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Manufacturer of Steel Washers - DIN 125, DIN EN 14399-6, DIN 125 300HV, DIN 6916, DIN 440, ASTM F436-023, UNI 6592
Steel Washers

Steel Washers

A Washer is a thin plate having different shapes and a hole in the middle. It distributes the load of a threaded fastener, such as nut or screw. They can be suitable as a spacer, wave washer, a preload indicator, wear pad, locking device, and reduces vibrations. There are various types of Washers available for a variety of applications. Lock washers provide security to fasteners. Spring Washer provides a preload between two surfaces as it acts as a load-bearing device. Other types are also available such as flat washers, C, D shaped washers, finishing Washers, torque Washers, and many more. The Washers distributes the load and provides isolation to prevent damage to the surface. They also offer flexibility by preventing loosening due to vibrations. Savoy Piping Inc. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide range of Steel Washers in a variety of dimensions, sizes, and styles that are perfectly suitable for numerous heavy-duty industrial applications.

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We fabricate superior quality Steel Washers using high grade raw materials and latest machinery under the supervision of our highly qualified professionals. We design a wide range of Steel Washers according to the national and international standards and industry guidelines to ensure they are dimensionally accurate and efficient. We develop washers in different high-grade materials such as steel, brass, stainless steel, thermoplastic, and rubber, etc. We ensure to provide the premium quality Steel Washers, which provide excellent resistant to stain, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and abrasive environments. We offer Washers having a unique combination of features such as leakage prevention, relieve friction, prevent loosening, isolate, and distribute pressure. They are available with a wide variety of outside and inside diameters as per the requirements of industrial applications. We ensure to provide high-grade Stainless Steel Washer, which has an accurate assembly, robust construction, low maintenance, and long service life. Each Steel Washer undergoes strict quality testing under the guidance of our quality experts to ensure high performance and accuracy. We follow all the international quality standards in every stage of the testing process of the products. We guarantee to provide Steel Washers having high strength, perfect shape, precise design, and excellent finish. They are durable with high tensile strength and give resistivity to adverse environmental conditions. Savoy Piping Inc. has a highly developed and well-equipped manufacturing unit to fabricate premium quality Steel Washers, which perfectly fits in suitable services. We ensure to provide the best quality Steel Washer at attractive prices as per the requirements. They are widely suitable for industrial applications such as Plumbing, Hydraulic projects, Aerospace, Power Generation, General Construction, and many more. We provide several packaging options for bulk and small quantities. We offer various shipping options and on-time delivery of the products as per the customer’s requirements and locations.

Standard Specification For Steel Washers

Standard DIN, ASME, ASTM, BS, ISO & IS and all International Standards
Size M1.0 upto M150. | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Size
Process Cold Forged, Hot Forged, Bar Stock Machined, Threading, Forged Blanks, CNC machined Process etc.
Types Fender Washer, Dome Plain Washer, Wave Washer, Bevel Washer, External Tooth Lock, Star Washer, Plain Washer, Lock Washer, Countersunk Washer, Internal Tooth Lock, Flat Washer - SAE Flat Washer - U Split Lock Washer, Finishing Washer, Round-Mall Washer, Hillside Washer, Flat Washer, Ogee Washer, Dock Washer, Belleville Washer, Square Washer, Bonded Sealing Washer, Conical Washer


Steel Washers Application

Steel Washers are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Stainless Steel Washers for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Fittings is use in various industries like :

  • Steel Washer uses in Power Plants
  • Steel Washer uses in Modern Architecture
  • Steel Washer uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Steel Washer uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Steel Washer uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Steel Washer uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Steel Washer uses in Fertilizers
  • Steel Washer uses in Electronics
  • Steel Washer uses in Construction
  • Steel Washer uses in Chemical Industries
  • Steel Washer uses in Plumbing
Steel Washer Application

Steel Washer Price List

Export Destinations For Steel Washers

Costa Rica, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, Ukraine, Kuwait, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tibet, Italy, Austria, Lebanon, Ireland, Mongolia, Denmark, Philippines, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Germany, Ghana, China, Peru, Nigeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Romania, Algeria, Namibia, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, India, Belarus, Turkey, Belgium, Bhutan, Angola, Sri Lanka, Australia, Jordan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Venezuela, Libya, Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Gabon, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Bangladesh, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Japan, Morocco, United Kingdom, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Bolivia, Chile, Singapore, Chile, Macau, Puerto Rico, United States, Colombia, Oman, Spain, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Qatar, France, Lithuania, Indonesia, Brazil.