Beryllium Copper Sheets

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Beryllium Copper Sheets

Beryllium Copper Sheets

Savoy Piping Inc is used in the processing and distribution of Beryllium Copper Sheets. We at Savoy Piping Inc Produce Beryllium Copper Sheets using only the highest quality available raw materials. The Beryllium copper sheets we produce are consistent with all the international and national standards. We intend to include the Beryllium Copper Sheets which are suitable for use in a range of industries and satisfy our customers' specifications. We produce the Copper Sheets of Beryllium in various sizes and dimensions. We also take custom orders from our customers and produce the Beryllium Copper Sheets according to our customers' demands and needs. We also produce the Beryllium Copper Sheets in custom order sizes which meet our customers ' requirements and requests. Savoy Piping Inc aims to only provide the high quality of the Beryllium Copper Sheets suitable for applications in different industries. Beryllium copper is a copper alloy with less than 3 per cent beryllium content and often other elements. Beryllium copper blends high strength with no sparking effects and no electrical properties. This has extraordinary properties in metalworking, molding, and machining.

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The copper content in the Beryllium Copper Sheets allows them to gain greater resistivity to pitting and splitting corrosion in decreasing environments. Due to the inclusion of Nickel, the development of grain boundary precipitates in the heat-affected welded region is also limited. Any of the products that may withstand wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite, and chlorine dioxide are the Beryllium Copper Caps. The Beryllium copper sheets do have strong welding properties and can be welded using all the standard methods. Beryllium copper sheets often resist corrosion against ferric and cupric chlorides, hot polluted organic and inorganic products, ammonia, formic and acetic acids, ascetic anhydride, seawater, brine and hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions. The Beryllium Copper Sheet applications are extensive and can be found in multiple industries. The Beryllium Copper Sheets are used to prepare pharmaceutical and food processing equipment. Pulp and paper manufacturing and Sour gas wells are also some of the Beryllium Copper Sheet applications. Beryllium copper sheets are also used for emission management tank liners, ducts, and dampers.

Standard Specification For Beryllium Copper Sheets

Standards : ASTM B194 / ASME SB194
Specifications : AMS 4530, AMS 4533, AMS 4534, AMS 4650, AMS 4651, SAE J461, SAE J463, JIS H 3130, RWMA Class 4
Thickness: 0.5 ~ 10 mm
Width : 100 - 1500 mm, 10 mm ~ 2500 mm
Length : Up to 12000 mm
Temper for Sheets A(TB00),1/4 H(TD01),1/2 H(TD02),H(TD04),AT(TF00)
UK CuBe2, Alloy 25
Beryllium Copper Sheets Application

Beryllium Copper Sheets are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Be-Cu Sheets for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Sheets is use in various industries like :

  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Power Plants
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Modern Architecture
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Fertilizers
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Electronics
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Construction
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Chemical Industries
  • Beryllium Copper Sheets uses in Plumbing
BeCu Sheets Application

Beryllium Copper Alloy Sheets Price List

Export Destinations For Beryllium Copper Sheets

Belgium, Russia, United States, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Japan, Sri Lanka, Macau, Gabon, United Arab Emirates, Gambia, Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Spain, Bahrain, Mongolia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Tibet, Romania, Egypt, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Kenya, Algeria, Thailand, Bhutan, Austria, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Philippines, Nigeria, Bolivia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Greece, South Korea, Venezuela, Poland, Kuwait, Israel, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Denmark, Iran, Yemen, Ireland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Jordan, Lebanon, Estonia, Italy, Malaysia, Angola, Chile, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Morocco, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Ghana, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Taiwan, Canada, Hungary, Namibia, Libya, Oman, Chile, Finland, France, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Peru, Croatia.