Beryllium Copper Strips

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Beryllium Copper Strips Manufacture, BeCu Strips Exporter in India - ASTM B194 / ASME SB194

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Beryllium Copper Strips

Beryllium Copper Strips

Savoy Piping Inc provides high quality Beryllium Copper Strips. This is a manufacturing and service business selling all sorts of Beryllium Copper Strips. We include these Beryllium Copper Strips in a range of sizes and configurations to suit the exact requirements of our customers. This Strip and plate is available in a number of dimensions including size, weight, width, and height. Savoy Piping Inc also have custom-made measurements according to the specification of the customer. These Strips are specially crafted under the guidance of our professional team. This is achieved using superior raw material content and is imported from reputable market suppliers after the raw material is checked to ensure the consistency of the item. It is then cut in any desired shape using modern machine and tooling equipment. We have a team of skill staff with several years of experience and they are excellent with Modern technologies.

Beryllium copper is a copper alloy with a beryllium content of less than 3 percent and occasionally other components. Beryllium copper blends high strength with no sparking and non-magnetic properties. The use of such Beryllium Copper Strips is particularly demanding in a wider variety of industrial applications. This substance possesses strong structural and mechanical properties. Use in corrosion resistant sections, utilities scrubber network, ducting and piping.

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This Beryllium Copper Strips in different corrosive environments and aqueous solutions give a higher resistance. It also has high power and a high tensile resistance. It also provides excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acids, especially in environmentally containing chloride. After the development of these plates and boards, it is subjected to different tests. This will include hardness test, impact test, PMI test, IGC test, destructive and non –destructive test, flaring, flattening test, micro, and macro test, third-party inspection etc. Both these experiments shall be carried out in compliance with the technical standards set forth.

Beryllium Copper Strips are to be used in many sectors. Wellhead Machinery and Subsea Machinery are a few of the Beryllium Copper Strips applications. The Beryllium Copper Strips are also used by the oil and gas industry in their applications. Many of the other uses of the Beryllium Copper Strips are heat condensers and heat exchangers.

Standard Specification For Beryllium Copper Strips

Standards : ASTM B194 / ASME SB194
Specifications : AMS 4530, AMS 4533, AMS 4534, AMS 4650, AMS 4651, SAE J461, SAE J463, JIS H 3130, RWMA Class 4
Thickness: 0.12mm - 2.0 mm
Width : 10mm - 400 mm
Temper : TB00, TD01-04, TF00, TH01-04, TM00-08, or according to requirements
Shape coil or sheet
Beryllium Copper Strips Application

Beryllium Copper Strips are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Be-Cu Strips for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Strips is use in various industries like :

  • Beryllium Copper Strips uses in Power Plants
  • Beryllium Copper Strips uses in Modern Architecture
  • Copper-Beryllium Alloy Strips uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Beryllium Copper Strips uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Beryllium Copper Alloy Strip uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Copper Beryllium Alloy Strip uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Beryllium Copper Strip uses in Fertilizers
  • ASME SB194 Beryllium Copper Strip uses in Electronics
  • Beryllium Copper Strip uses in Construction
  • Beryllium Copper Strips uses in Chemical Industries
  • ASTM B194 Copper-Beryllium Strips uses in Plumbing
BeCu Strips Application

Beryllium Copper Alloy Strips Price List

Export Destinations For Beryllium Copper Strips

Japan, Ireland, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Finland, Taiwan, Oman, Venezuela, Kuwait, Ecuador, Chile, Kenya, Russia, Ghana, Bhutan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya, Tibet, Peru, Norway, South Africa, Mongolia, Colombia, Austria, Indonesia, Lebanon, Italy, Canada, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Bangladesh, Bahrain, India, Egypt, Jordan, Belgium, Macau, Angola, Vietnam, Switzerland, Nigeria, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Nigeria, Serbia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Denmark, South Korea, Tunisia, Bolivia, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Gambia, Iran, Greece, Morocco, Chile, Portugal, Philippines, New Zealand, Romania, Sri Lanka, Yemen, United States, Namibia, Hungary, Trinidad & Tobago, Gabon, Israel, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, China, Estonia, France, Algeria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Qatar, Belarus, Bulgaria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sweden.