Bimetal Sheets

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Bimetal Sheets

Bimetallic Sheets

Savoy Piping Inc. is a leading supplier, stockist, and worldwide Exporter of Bimetal sheet. The company is renowned for supplying high-quality product dealer in India. We are committed to Quality and deliver the best quality products to our clients. We are at the forefront of the manufacturing of various industrial products. We export and manufacture high-quality Bimetal Sheets to large customers from across India. The product is produced mainly by considering the fineness and dimensional accuracy. Savoy Piping Inc. has earned the trust of many clients by serving outstanding products and exceptional service. Bimetal is combinations of Copper, i.e., Sheet metal and pure Aluminum, i.e., Base metal. Both of these metals are diffused together to form a consolidated sheet by rolling bonding process. Therefore, Bimetal sheet is not alloy. The Bimetal Sheet which we provide is manufactured basically by using optimum quality raw material and advanced technology. We supply the products that are available in a wholly customized form to match the customer specified needs. We manage to deliver a variety of personalized products for industrial application.

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The use of finest quality materials helps us to meet the international quality standards. We offer bimetal sheets in different sizes and shapes as per your requirements. We supply these bimetal sheets in a well-packed manner, i.e., in wooden boxes, Steel boxes, etc. The packaging ensures that there is no damage to the bimetal sheet during the transit. Bimetal Sheet is used for various purposes and has numerous applications such as it acts as clamps and connectors of substation and switch-yard. The product is useful in cable lugs, cable end connectors. It plays a crucial role in distribution, panel boards, bus ducts, and bus bar chambers. Bimetal Sheets is minimal equipment has high demand from various industrial sectors as it plays an immense role in construction work.

Also, the bimetal sheet is useful in isolators and switch gears. The product acts as a safety vent for Li-Ion secondary battery. Apart from all this, the bimetal sheet is helpful in semiconductor packages, printed circuit boards (PCB), CPU heat sink, IC heat sink, and in various electronic components and electrical applications. Quality controllers test our provided bimetal sheet for multiple parameters. The product is capable of conducting Quick electricity, holds high strength, and resistant to electric shock.

Savoy Piping Inc. has there manufacturing unit, profound years of experience, and highly skilled and knowledgeable persons. The company is capable of providing high-quality bimetallic products suitable to match the customer’s specific requirements. Also, the company has an in-house facility to manufacture other products. We have sophisticated manufacturing set up equipped with the most modular machines and testing equipment. Our entire unit is highly involved in providing a wide range of precision, high quality, and engineered Bimetal Sheet to our valuable clients.

Standard Specification For Bimetallic Sheets

Thickness from 0.5mm to 30mm
Material aluminium + copper
Size from 300 to Customers' Requireme
Bimetal Sheets Base layer thickness(mm) Cover layer thickness(mm)
Cu-Al block Cu δ38~40 Al δ10~12
Al-Steel block Steel δ38~40 Alδ10~12
Element Tensile Strength Shearing Strength heat Temperature Interface Combination Rate Interface Full Figure
Bimetal Sheets ≥150 Mpa/mm2 ≥95 Mpa/mm2 ≦ 400 ℃ 100% undulant


Bimetal Sheets Application

Aluminium - Copper are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Aluminium - Copper BI-Metal Sheets for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Bimetallic Sheet is use in various industries like :

  • Bimetallic Cu Al Sheets uses in Power Plants
  • Cu Al Bimetallic uses in Modern Architecture
  • Bimetal Plate uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Bimetal Strip uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Bimetal Sheets uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Bimetal Sheets uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Copper Aluminium Bimetal Sheet uses in Fertilizers
  • Bimetal Coils uses in Electronics
  • Bimetal Sheets uses in Construction
  • Bi-Metal Sheets uses in Chemical Industries
  • Bimetallic Sheets uses in Plumbing
Bimetal Sheets Application

Bimetallic Sheet Price List

Export Destinations For Bimetal Sheets

Iraq, Thailand, United States, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Korea, Nepal, Israel, Ireland, Ghana, Costa Rica, Angola, Nigeria, Japan, Australia, Serbia, Belgium, Kenya, Libya, Vietnam, Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, United Kingdom, Colombia, Qatar, India, Iran, Venezuela, Slovakia, Mongolia, Mexico, Taiwan, Chile, China, Croatia, Ukraine, South Africa, Hungary, Afghanistan, Tibet, Bahrain, Gambia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Lithuania, Poland, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Gabon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Peru, Argentina, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Tunisia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Yemen, Finland, Brazil, Switzerland, Greece, Morocco, Romania, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Portugal, Macau, Egypt, Bangladesh, Estonia, Belarus, Nigeria, Germany, Sweden, Algeria, Norway, Chile, Malaysia, Oman, Kuwait, Canada, France.