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 Coated Stud Bolts

Coated Stud Bolts

is Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene. It is non-stick coatings, which includes three layers of coating. The first coat is corrosion-resistant, which is a base coat, then an adhesion coating and topcoat of fluoro-polymer. All coatings are essential to enhance the service life of the Fasteners. This coating has outstanding non-stick properties, and it offers in a very durable thin film coating. This coating is suitable in many situations where a smooth, corrosion-resistant, low friction, a coating is essential. coatings are ideal for the highest operating temperature than any fluoro-polymer. The main benefits of this coating are the low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance. We, Savoy Piping Inc, are manufacturer and exporter of the coated fasteners. We are offering Coated Stud Bolts with excellent coating and finishing. We are providing these Stud Bolts for many non-stick applications. We are coat Stud Bolt with coating with superior surface finishing at reasonable rates. This coating provides a very low coefficient of friction, excellent corrosion resistance, consistent tensioning, and ease of installation and removal. We are enhancing efficiency, corrosion resistance, and life expectancy by coating Stud Bolts with .

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We are manufacturing a wide range of Stud Bolts in various sizes, dimensions, and materials. Our Stud Bolts are supporting well in every industrial operation, including critical applications. We are using this coating on various materials like aluminium, stainless steel, steel alloys, carbon steel, brass, magnesium, and also on non-metallics such as glass, fiberglass, rubber as well as plastics. We are manufacturing Stud Bolts in different metals and alloys with the coating. We are providing coated Stud Bolts, which are suitable for various temperatures, weather conditions, and applications in multiple sizes. We are offering superior quality by utilizing excellent quality raw material and executing the latest technology with modern methods. Our coated Stud Bolts are ease of install, and it has the most important benefit, which is necessary for many industrial applications. Our high-grade coated Stud Bolts are unaffected in any weather condition. Our team of experts is implementing new manufacturing methods to enhance quality. It helps us to reduce manufacturing time and to provide quick service. We are manufacturing coated Stud Bolts with defined criteria as well as in custom chose as per our client's requirements. Our quality testing team is always reviewing strictly to produce the defect-free Stud Bolts. We aim to meet all the necessary demands of our clients by providing excellent service, the highest quality, and affordable rates. In quality testing, our skilled professionals check all required things like the purity of the material, sturdiness, and its capability to perform for every application. By following all necessary standards, we are producing excellent Coated Stud Bolts and serving to our esteem clients. We are here to fulfil the needs of clients urgently.

Standard Specification For Coated Stud Bolts

Use Temperatures Working temp. range up to + 260°C
Surface finish cadmium Coated
Stud Bolt and Nut Size 1/4 to 4 inches (length to 20 inches maximum)
Color Black, Green, Blue, Red and others
Corrosioin Resistance Salt Spray (ASTM B117) up to 3,000 hrs (Nuts not frozen)
Pencil Hardness 5H – 6H (ASTM D3363-92A)
Kinetic Friction Coefficient 0.06 – 0.08
Thickness Nominal 0.001" (1 mil)
Impact 160 in lb (ASTM D2794-93)
Adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359-95)
Tensile Strength 4,000 psi
Operating Pressure Up to 100, 000 psi
Type Stud Bolts, Heavy Stud bolt, Tie Bar, Tie Rod, Continuous Threaded Stud Bolts (Fully Threaded Studs without Chamfered Ends), Tap End Stud Bolts, Double End Stud Bolts, Double End Stud Bolts with Reduced Shank, Flange Stud Bolts (Fully Threaded Studs with Chamfered Ends), MS Stud Bolts, Metric Thread Stud Bolt, Rough Forged Stud Bolts, Stud Half Thread Bolts etc.


Coated Stud Bolts Application

Coated Stud Bolts are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Polytetrafluoroethylene Coated Stud Bolts for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Fittings is use in various industries like :

  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Power Plants
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Modern Architecture
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Fertilizers
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Electronics
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Construction
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Chemical Industries
  • Coated Stud Bolts uses in Plumbing
 Coated Stud Bolts Application

Coated Stud Bolts Price List

Export Destinations For Coated Stud Bolts

Ecuador, Mexico, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Kenya, Switzerland, Ghana, Tunisia, Lebanon, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Lithuania, Namibia, Spain, Turkey, New Zealand, Angola, Thailand, Estonia, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, Libya, Croatia, Peru, Singapore, Bolivia, Yemen, Canada, Vietnam, Hungary, Australia, Sweden, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Iran, Serbia, Austria, United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Nigeria, Ukraine, Mongolia, Chile, Kazakhstan, Chile, Oman, Colombia, Macau, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Finland, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Qatar, Greece, Bhutan, Gabon, Brazil, France, Russia, Poland, Israel, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Tibet, Egypt, Venezuela, Romania, Slovakia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Algeria, Nepal, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Afghanistan, Jordan, China, Gambia, Argentina, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Norway.